Bin Li 

 Inhale deeply.  Exhale slowly.  Repeat. 
 Perceive each other beyond time and space. 
 To hear, to feel, to connect.

——  Bin Li

Through "I am also here", Bin Li explores the situation of "being two". Two individuals do not see each other: one can only reach the other by listening carefully, feeling the other's existence via soft sound. Between the silences, music appears and disappears in the nearly stagnant soundscape. "I am also here" forms a certain contrast to our increasingly chaotic world. Such concentration in sound sometimes goes beyond its physical phenomenon, extending the limits of music and the limits of human's reach of the "true" world.


Bin Li (b. Fuzhou, China) is a composer and artist based in New York City. Published by Edition Wandelweiser, his recent work explores the immateriality of sound and its derivatives. His open scores have been realized in Klangraum (Düsseldorf), Cosy Nook (London), Inner Field (Brooklyn), Gänsemarkt (Hamburg), A Place to Listen (Canada), Score Follower and The Unseen Festival.


     I am also here    


   Score & Sound  

Voices 2
for Hichiriki and Electronics
Score by Bin Li
Together, Apart. 
Peformance Score by Bin Li