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The International Society for Performing and Visual Arts (ISPVA) is a New York City Based 501(c)(3) non-profit institution dedicated to supporting the creative process, the development of culture and arts, and to creating the essential career and educational opportunities for emerging and under-recognized performing and visual artists of all ages. 


ISPVA is a dynamic center for creativity as well as an international model for the cultural exchange. Founded in 2019, ISPVA is managed and supported by a group of visionary and entrepreneurial professionals and industry experts.


Through exhibitions, arts education, and public programs, the International Society for Performing and Visual Arts (ISPVA) provides artists and audiences with sustaining and meaningful experiences and resources. By presenting original works of both performing and visual art at all stages of development, ISPVA inspires and encourages artists to take risks, generate new ideas, and to consummate new practices with the help of our curatorial and mentorship program.


ISPVA carries out its mission through its core programs, which include solo or group exhibitions for emerging and under-recognized artists; mentorship and publication opportunities for emerging writers and curators; professional development workshops for practicing artists; and arts education intensives for art-lovers/enthusiasts in New York City. 


ISPVA aspires to offer transformative services to performing and visual artists, providing them with the tools and resources needed to start and sustain a successful career as an artist. 

Our Team


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Graduated from Sewanee: the University of the South with a B.A in English Literature and Art, and Parsons the School of Design with an MFA degree in Fine Arts, Scynge Xing works as independent curator, art critic, and artist whose interdisciplinary work deals with issues of identity, memories, and personal narratives. Xing's works span multiple media, including paintings, photography, short videos, performances, sound installations, etc. Her works have been exhibited at Piers 59 Studio, Westbeth Gallery, Skybridge Art Space, 25 East Gallery, New York, USA, Carlos Art Gallery, Tennessee, USA, and Longmen Art Museum, 798 Art District, Beijing, China.

Scynge Xing



Lingyuan Hu


Lingyuan Hu graduated from Michigan State University with a master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management. Currently, she works for W.Ming Art and previously worked for Whitebox Harlem Art Center.




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