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Catherine Lan

“Can’t breathe: Quarantine is like cutting, a cutting off from the world”

 —— Catherine Lan

Courtesy of W.Ming Art

Her video Fountain displayed in this show is a kind of cut between herself and the outside world, immersing in a deeper place and hiding to release and get a sense of freedom. 


Catherine Lan’s artistic practice focuses on mixed media art, installation, interdisciplinary and hybrid practices, painting, and video. Catherine Lan was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1980, and currently lives and works in New York, USA. Catherine Lan is a doctoral candidate from Education in College Teaching of Art at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a scholarship research winner of Zankel Fellow (2018-2019). She obtained her MFA at Yale in New Haven, BFA at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and Post Diploma and Artist Diploma from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 


Catherine Lan has held exhibitions at Today Art Museum (Beijing), He Xiangning Art Museum (Shenzheng), Queens Museum (New York), to name a few.



Catherine Lan 蓝巧茹

Fountain 喷泉,2020





New York, Meeting the Moment, Creative Technologies Exhibition 2020, Teachers College of Columbia University, July 20 – September 1, 2020*

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