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Fuchen Kuang

Fuchen Kuang is a communication, graphic designer, photographer & a jazz drummer based in Qingdao & New York. 

His practice is mostly focused on visual identities, editorial design, typography and cross-disciplinary design for brands and organizations. He is also a photographer who is working on black&white digital camera photography.

Kuang Fuchen is particularly good at combining his personal life experience in artistic creation, and likes to use monotonous black and white for design. In his works, you can see a lot of repetitive performance techniques to emphasize the personal emotions in his works.

The name of this work is Can Not Breathe, and it mainly records the cities and important time points I have passed through during the worst period of the epidemic. The first half of 2020 was suffocating for me, because I was in quarantine most of the time and experienced the worst periods of the epidemic in China and the United States respectively. I indirectly demonstrated the painful process I went through and the extraordinary journey experience through the documentation.

This work is mainly displayed with flat posters and website pages, and it is also very consistent with the way that everything is in the cloud in the current epidemic, and I will share my life in the epidemic with you.



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