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Sam He

Breathe is just Breathe in an absurd world.”


 —— Sam He

Interesting, absurd, weird, reflective, and diverse constitute the main tone of Sam He’s works. Through her work Toilet Paper Escape and Nobody Knows as well as relevant videos produced, it can be perceived that Sam He constantly keeps intimate connect with the life and reflection on it, and injected her witty and humorous ideas. When Sam He walks on the earth with her own ideas, it was like an ideological escape. In the collision with the rapid shifts and structural transformations of today's society, she constructs a multi-dimensional virtual space beyond time and space, which carries not only her response to the world she lives, but also invites the audiences to experience this unreal whimsy. I can’t help thinking, whether the absurdity of 2020 has collided with it?

Nandan Sam He (GuangDong, China 1991) is a multimedia artist whose work mainly swing be- tween interactive sculpture, mix media video/animation installation. She gained her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in painting, and MFA from Mount Royal School of In- terdisciplinary Art in interactive media. Her work has been exhibited in Yui Gallery, On Canal Gallery, New York; Novado Gallery, Long Island City; Elsewhere studio, Colorado; Maryland federation of art, Washington; Baltimore Washington International Airport, MD; Walter Otero Contemporary Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico; etc. Her Animation work is selected as the Bronze Plate Award at the North America Region Award Competition of the 2nd MEIHODO In- ternational Youth Visual Media Festival and public screening in Fukuoka, Japan. She works as an independent artist now lives and works in New York.



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